Convenient access to Government services.

That’s our goal.

In today’s digital world, people and businesses in the community want to easily find and access public services online – wherever they are, whenever they like, using whatever device they have.

We think that’s a good idea.

And we want the community of Western Australia to help us make that a reality.

What is myWA Alpha?

myWA Alpha is a public opportunity to help shape the future of government digital services for the Western Australian community so they are convenient and save time.

In computer terminology, an “alpha” is the first stage of developing a new product. It’s a prototype designed to show what the finished version might look like. An alpha allows people to explore and test ideas and concepts to see what works, and what doesn’t.

myWA Alpha is the first step in developing a new whole-of-government digital services portal. The vision is to have a “one stop shop” where people can find and access any government digital service – pay bills, update details, apply for a licence, or submit an application. All in the one place.

In the past, public websites and systems have been developed using a traditional internal “waterfall” approach. All the planning and design was done based on assumptions, built according to exact plans, and only released to the public when it was tested and finished.

myWA Alpha is taking a totally different approach.

We’re being open and consulting early, seeking input and feedback from as many people as possible so we can produce a user-friendly site that meets the needs of Western Australian communities. We will review all feedback, put it into the design process, and release updated sites regularly over several months for more feedback.

What can you do on myWA Alpha?

There are two things you can do on the current myWA Alpha website:

• Search for government services and information; and
• Give feedback on what you think about the site, and what you want in terms of usability and access.

As an alpha – a prototype – some things on the site work completely, some work partially, and some are only an indicator of what might be coming in the future. As feedback is supplied, and new features are explored and developed, myWA Alpha will change and grow.

(Fully working)
Use any key word to find existing government services that are currently available on department and agency websites.

You can also search “All of Government” and find information related to your key word(s) on any Western Australian government website.

(Demo only)
Eventually, we want people to be able to login to myWA to access their information and services from any department or agency – all from the one place.

A simple dashboard view will let you see updates or notices that relate to you or your business, such as payments due or applications finished. Simple categories will allow you to quickly and easily find information and services relevant to you.

What is the myWA Program?

Alpha is only the first stage in the larger myWA Program. The longer term vision of fast, easy access to all online government services will take time. This will be completed in phases that will deliver regular improvements and make additional services available.

Stage 1: 2017 Deliverables

myWA Alpha Portal An early limited-functionality release of the website to engage the community and obtain feedback.
myWA Beta Portal A more functional website built using the final selected technologies for rigorous testing.
Plans for Stage 2 The plans, policies and technology choices that will allow departments and agencies to connect their online services to myWA securely, reliably and efficiently.

Stage 2: 2017-18 (Planned Deliverables)

Online Licensing People and businesses will be able to view, update and pay for Transport and Commerce occupational licences directly on the myWA Portal.
Secure Login People and businesses will be able to login to the myWA Portal and access their information and services from other departments quickly and easily.

As part of the development work being undertaken during Stage 1, a more complete list of current and future online government services will be compiled, together with a timeline for when they are likely to be available through the myWA Portal.

What feedback are we seeking?

The myWA Alpha site contains questions designed to find out what you do and don’t like about the prototype, and to gain insight into what you consider important when dealing with government departments and agencies online.

There are no “right” and “wrong” answers. We want to know what you think and want.

You also have the opportunity to give us free-text feedback. If there are features we haven’t thought to ask about, or services you think should be delivered early, let us know. Your feedback is valuable, and although we won’t be able to respond to individuals or address every issue raised, please be assured that all feedback will be considered as we analyse and plan our next steps.

Does the myWA Alpha store any information about me?

Only if you register as an Alpha Tester when you provide feedback. This site will store your name and email address, and any feedback you have provided, as well as basic information about how you accessed the site (type of device, browser, IP, etc.). This information will only be used to analyse public feedback and identify improvements to the site.

The myAlpha site does not connect directly to any other government system, and does not access or store any additional information about you. While appropriate security measures are in place to make sure the myWA Alpha site is stable and secure, even if all the data on this site was breached, the most anyone could find out about you is the email address you used, the type of device you used to access the site, and any feedback you provided. Search terms and other government websites visited are not recorded.

What’s next?

Please provide feedback on this site and the longer term plans outlined for the myWA Program.

As part of this Program, a number of Public Advisory Groups will be established with representatives from established public advocacy and industry groups. These groups will be given regular detailed briefings and invited to provide formal feedback on how proposals and plans could affect different parts of our community. Feedback from these groups will help identify and address significant public desires and concerns before key decisions are made.
More information on the Public Advisory Groups will be released shortly.

Want more information?

If you would like to know more, please contact